The Dude's Donut Dash returns as one of the craziest events you have ever entered. Let's break down how this works in the two distances offered:

The Mouthwatering Mile: Take off as fast as you want, or hang back at the starting gun and devour an entire Dude's glazed for a 2 minute deduction (only 1 donut allowed per station) from your overall time. Show one of the judges you have eaten completely, get a stamp on your bib, and then head out. At the 1/2 mile turn is another chance at a 2 minute deduction by downing another Dude's glazed. Show the judge, get a stamp, and make your way to the finish. To clarify: Runner 1 runs, eats nothing, and runs a 6:30 mile. A 6:30 mile is his or her time. Runner 2 runs, eats 2, runs a 10:00 mile, but nets a 6:00 mile for the donut deductions. Runner 2 is your winner in this scenario.

A Sweet 3 Miles: Same over all concept as the Mouthwatering Mile, except everyone takes off at the same time without a starting line donut and make their way to 5 stations on the course with 4 minute deductions per station. Judge must see and stamp. That equates to 20 minutes of potential time deduction on the course with 5 eaten (maximum). Runner 1 clips off a 21 minute 3 mile race and eats nothing; runner 2 jogs a 40 and nets a 20 minute event. Runner 2 is your winner. 

All runners will receive a unique finisher award at the end of the race. Participants of the 3 mile challenge will receive an event shirt. Guarantee your shirt if you register by June 1st.

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