36 Hours Of Jack is BACK! We have 8 CERTIFIED distances on this flat and fast crushed limestone trail. The loop is 25K per round. We have special turn for the 5K, 15K, and the final loop of the 100 miler. The aid stations are the best in business and you will see aid 4 times per loop including an unmanned station. The course will be open for 36 hours, but that only applies to the 200K and 100 mile event. 100K will have 24 hours, 80K will have 18, 50K will have 12, and everyone else has 6. Check in will be required at each aid station and no crew is allowed outside of the aid stations (instant DQ if busted). Pacers allowed for runners going over 50K and they must be bibbed with a pacer bib (no charge). Upgrades and downgrades allowed until November 1st. No bib transfers allowed. No virtual options. 

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